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The mankind has witnessed a great change in 21st century. Life on this earth will be not so easy and smooth, hence it is our aim to prepare the younger generation with the right type of education to prosper in future. We are very much aware that every boy or a girl has inbuilt potential and creativity, which requires a right opportunity to exhibit in a commandable manner.

We think it is our duty to encourage and motivate the youth and bring out the best in them and make them responsible citizens and resource persons. But we would like to assure you that we will not be compromising in matters relating to discipline, conduct, character and training, which is very essential for the development of personality. At the same time we will try our level best to retain the stamp of Indian ness in their personality.

We hope that, we can work wonders with the co-operation and encouragement from the Governments, Apex bodies, and University, Teaching & non-teaching faculty, Parents & students. We at BAMC&H, Shimoga prepare professional manpower for tomorrow. Our students learn to accept the responsibilities in making the medical profession of high standard for Health and welfare of the people.

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